Anderson Silva tested positive for PED’s which is a USADA violation. The test was an out-of-competition one by USADA and the failure resulted in Silva being suspended leaving Kelvin Gastelum without a fight in Shanghai at UFC Fight Night 122. Michael Bisping stepped in but it was a shame we didn’t get to see the former GOAT compete again.

According to his coach Rogerio Camoes, Anderson was the victim of a tainted substance which will be the second time Silva claims innocence by ignorance. The first time was some kind of foreign super sex supplement from overseas that contained two banned substances. Here’s what his coach said via about the newest debacle:

I’ve been with Anderson for many years and when we talked the first thing he told me was, ‘Master, I didn’t take anything.’ I believe and trust his word. Anderson is a very mature guy, very experienced. And he’s aware that – he wouldn’t use something and risk getting suspended and getting his image tarnished. So we believe in contamination of some product or supplement. All the products that he used will be analyzed, so we can possibly prove there was contamination. The process is slow. It’s not overnight. It requires time and investment. It’s very expensive. I think everything will be clarified. Of course, there will be a penalty. There’s no way there won’t be. We know USADA’s rules with doping. Even if it’s contamination, the fighter is responsible for what he takes. He needs to be careful with that.

This is getting a little ridiculous. Between Brock Lesnar’s foot cream claims for his drug tests and this unforgivable and unlikely excuse from Silva things keep getting worse for the UFC and USADA.

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