UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is possibly the strongest the division ever had in terms of skill and accomplishments. After his stoppage of former champ Jose Aldo at UFC 218 he placed himself at a level few will reach. Check out some of his notable achievements pulled from various sources:

  • 14 victories in UFC featherweight division (1 win at a catch-weight outside of the 145 pound limit)
  • Current twelve fight win streak in UFC competition puts him behind Anderson Silva at sixteen, Demetrious Johnson¬† and Georges St-Pierre sit at thirteen.
  • Record seven knockout victories at 145
  • Record nine stoppage victories at 145

Conor McGregor may arguably have been the most memorable champion but he is not the most accomplished in the division’s history. That may be Max but time will tell if his achievements hold up. Well done Holloway, well done.

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