Manager says Mark Hunt cleared to return

A little while ago Dana White angered fans of Mark Hunt. He refused to let the Super Samoan compete because he was afraid for his health. The issue was that his brain had sustained so much damage, but most fans think it was because of Hunt’s lawsuit against the UFC. Hunt claimed in an amended complaint during the summer that the UFC, White and Brock Lesnar knew Lesnar was using performance-enhancing drugs ahead of his UFC 200 bout. Lesnar would win the bout and later test positive for steroids to no real surprise to anyone who has kept up with Brock.

Back in his Ohio Valley Wrestling days Jim Cornette claims Brock received steroids from an international pharmacy through the mail. Jim had to go handle the situation so the two didn’t go to jail. I will post the audio of Jim telling the story underneath this story because it’s funny.

Mark Hunt’s manager Zen Ginnen told The Daily Telegraph that the Samoan was cleared and ready to return.

We’ve just had a conference call with the doctors in the States, who gave us the good news. The doctor said Mark scored well above average and that he’s good to compete. We’re just waiting on the UFC to clear him. We’d like to go up against Fabricio and hopefully be in line for a title shot at the back end of 2018.

Unbelievable and welcome if this is true we might get one more run from Mark and hopefully we give him a proper send off when he retires.

Here’s the Lesnar steroids story from Cornette.