Quick recap. Lyoto Machida accepts fight with Derek Brunson at UFC Fight Night 119, enters cage, gets obliterated in the first round, and then contemplates retirement. He never officially stated it was on the table according to the rumors that were flying. He was also medically suspended which will put him out probably until the middle of 2018. Machida is a warrior and will likely keep on fighting anyway.

He opened up via his Instagram account about the loss and his future.

I would like to thank all the support I’ve received from my fans! I’m home, with my family, recovering from a result that didn’t come, but with a sense of achievement, since anyone could have given up the idea of returning to the battlefield after almost two years away from the sports. My biggest loss would be giving up the dream that once was my blessing. An even bigger loss would be inspiring you not to go ahead when all you need to do is to keep your head up and go on. Thus, I thank you all for the messages full of affection and strength. Saying that the Dragon is back and then giving up will never be an option! The day I decided I wouldn’t stop fighting, I wanted to show you that, regardless of all the hardship of life, you are either a fighter or a quitter. What defines a man in his essence is not losing or winning, but his journey for what he believes. Once more, thank you for being by my side. I will always count on your support, and know that I will be supporting you back.

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