Russian fighter and legend Fedor Emelianenko has been in the spotlight since he started fighting practically. He once dominated the Pride fighting organization like an unstoppable monster and even later when he started fading his career tarnished only slightly. His brother Alexander is a different story completely and probably the closest thing Russia has to an MMA version of Tupac. He was a competent fighter but he had his own demons that most likely kept him from reaching his full potential. The problems caught up with him and he spent some time in prison but never truly left MMA discussions or forum posts. After all, he is the brother of what some consider the greatest fighter of all time. After some recent comments from them both the brotherly bond seems weak.

Here’s what Alexander told Russian media outlet about his brother Fedor.

Now he surrounds himself with ‘friends’ who follow him around, and will never tell him the truth, fearing to lose beneficial ties. It’s only sycophants around him.

Then just a short time later, Fedor published an open letter to the same media outlet that was brutal. He essentially disowned Alexander.

Usually I don’t comment on other people’s statements. But I cannot remain silent. This is my first and last answer to you. I consider it beneath my dignity to constantly react to your lies.

And now the most important thing – why I decided to make this open appeal to you: you called my relatives sycophants. Sycophant – that’s you, Judas. I feel sorry that people who were close to you and supported you in hard moments are now suffering. I personally have apologized for you to dozens of people.

Will we finally have the long tossed around dream bout between the brothers?

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