Referee Marc Goddard booted UFC lightweight champion and megastar Conor McGregor from cage side during his friend Artem Lobov’s bout at UFC Gdansk on Saturday. We posted a video of Mac walking around cage side like a boss and taking the attention away from the bout in spectacular fashion. Later, McGregor got ejected because it was so distracting. Here’s what Goddard told MMA Fighting:

The reason I interjected is because Artem gets a fourth cornerman cage side giving instruction. That’s not allowed. Imagine had Conor talked him through a fight-ending sequence. Then what? That’s simply not fair and not allowed. I won’t have it. He can’t do as he pleases. If Conor had stood up, stayed at his seat, then he could have shouted until his hearts content. My integrity is not wavered and neither is the rules. We can’t allow that. I simply had to act.

Lobov lost the bout with Andre Fili and we can’t help but wonder if Conor had a negative effect on his performance. Your thoughts?

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