Scary speculation on serious illness sidelining Bo Dallas, JoJo, and Bray Wyatt, and others

Justin Labar of the Pittsburgh Tribune provided an update on the reason Bray Wyatt, his brother Bo Dallas, and girlfriend JoJo have been missing from WWE TV.

Seems Bray, Bo and JoJo haven’t been at TV or events because of viral meningitis. Unfortunate. I have NO INFO on Sunday for Bray.

He is referring to the TLC event and the potential, and likely absence of the above mentioned. Nia Jax is also rumored to be a victim of meningitis but none of the cases have been officially confirmed.

Pro Wrestling Votes tweeted out more information.

Bray, Bo and JoJo have been off TV due to an illness. I will not report personal details, however that is the reason.

I am hearing other Superstars may indeed be suffering from the same illness, and it may drastically impact Sunday’s PPV event.

This type of meningitis causes inflammation of the tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord. The way this is spread is personal contact and in pro wrestling personal contact is part of the job description. If there are indeed more cases this could impact story lines and derail Wrestlemania plans for the popular Bray Wyatt character.

We will update you as we find out more.