WWE Sister Abigail storyline being called lazy, WWE may now call audible

On last night’s WWE RAW we expected Bray Wyatt to fulfill his promise of bringing the often mentioned Sister Abigail with him to the show. Instead what we got was a video poorly edited insinuating that Bray’s alter ego was Sister Abigail and not an actual woman.

My problem with this is that if the “creative” team thinks rehashing the Psycho twist is a good idea then it shows exactly why WWE has awful ratings and a shrinking TV fan base. Sorry Vince, it’s not because of the Network being so awesome. It is because you puke out incoherent, inconsistent, thoughtless, and sometimes boring drivel every week.

If Bray is Sister Abigail and comes out in drag I can almost see Stephanie touting him as the first transgender champion to the media. Saying he’s a real hero because he had his willy chopped off. I’m serious when I say they just might do it.

Bray could be in big trouble here with the fans. He isn’t booked to be strong anymore and his promos are rambling rants about supernatural shite that he never backs up. Making him have a split personality with one being woman, which is a strong rumor, will fail miserably. It is likely that WWE is paying attention to the internet to see if they should move forward or make it an actual person and not Wyatt in drag. I am hoping they realize how stupid they are and fix it.

Probably not.