Ray Borg says Johnson has ‘no idea’ what’s coming

125 pound title challenger Ray Borg recently spoke to BJ Penn Radio about his upcoming bout with champ Demetrious Johnson. Almost no one is giving him a chance against one of the top pound for pound fighters alive right now except for Borg himself.

“I have all the confidence in the world that I can go in there and beat DJ in every aspect. If you think about it, DJ is great everywhere. But really, the reason he gets away with fights is ‘cause he can drag these guys into deep waters and just drown them.”

“He’s shown vulnerability, time and time again. I also think styles really make fights. I think honestly, my style is not as a good a matchup for him as anybody he’s ever fought. I bring it all to the table. I can strike, I can grapple, I can cut angles. I can match his speed, more importantly, and I have the explosiveness to do so as well. The scary part for DJ is that he doesn’t know what I’m coming into this fight with. Everybody he’s fought has been the same fighter their whole career. You can’t tell me my last two fights that I’m not changing. I’m changing, I’m coming into my own each fight. My style has changed and evolved my last couple fights, so DJ has no clue what he’s in for fight night. He’s going to see how much I’ve progressed, and the world’s going to see how much I’ve progressed.”

If Johnson wins he will have beaten Anderson Silva’s title defense record of 10. Borg faces DJ at UFC 215 on September 9th.

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