Another 3 delusional martial artists of all time captured on video

It’s back! The last article I wrote on delusional martial artists proved to be popular so I decided to resurrect it. I bring to you the people out there preying on the gullible, the easily influenced, and fools who give away their money without much thought. These are the guys selling their brand of mystical dumpster fires as legitimate self defense. Today we add another three to the prestigious ranks of bullcrap.

#3 The drunken space monkey.

This is another case of a kung fu instructor conditioning his students to react how he needs them to. When you enjoy being a part of something you are often quick to forgive things you wouldn’t normally. It’s like high school. You’re there for the fellow student friendships and not the teachers. Unless she’s hot and you are paying more attention to her. Wait what was I saying? Oh yeah… This guy has conditioned his students to attack and react the perfect way to sell this BS as legit. They don’t seem to care much because it looks cool and they seem to be having fun even though they are witnessing Shaq level acting and Bruce Leroy level “defense”. Watch how they stop themselves from attacking the teacher after he performs his “drunken space monkey perched on a reed holds a thong with its tail” technique.

#2 Exposed on live TV.

So you’re a martial artist and you want to prove it to the world. How do you do it? By completely looking like a freaking moron on live TV? This guy made it happen in a BIG way. This poor martial artist probably could do this type of stuff for real, but it is common for demos to have pre-broken boards and bricks. This time it backfired…bad. Watch as the reporter harmlessly presses on this martial artist’s intended breaking material and it cracks easily in half. I say material because I cannot confirm from the quality of the video that this is indeed something solid or just Styrofoam. The best part is that he is from the Black Dragon dojo or something like that. The Black Dragon name is associated with “The deadliest man alive” who called himself Count Dante. Remember Ashida Kim and his brand of fake Black Dragon Society BS? Enough talk already just watch this.

#1 The no touch gets touched.

If you can prove to me that the now infamous “no touch knockout” technique is real I would welcome it. Check out these two examples for reference.

George Dillman exposed on a National Geographic special and explains the big toe defense.

Now, his prodigy Tom Cameron getting exposed in a TV investigation. Watch for Stephan Bonnar when Tom starts trying to knock out the jiu jitsu students.

The main event of this no touch knockout garbage is this self taught master of air defense. I can’t find his name but this ‘energy shield master’ gets owned by stuntman Alexandr Litvinenko aka ‘Alex Lee’. Lee is a seven-time martial arts champion of Ukraine who lives in New York if the information circulating out there is correct.

The “impulse” of his hand movements don’t stop him from getting punched in the face by Lee.

You know I’ll be back because these guys are literally everywhere.

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