After sparring video surfaces McGregor odds get better

Floyd Mayweather’s odds currently sit at a modest 1/6 in his boxing bout with Conor McGregor on August 26th. That’s about the average on most betting sites after some searching. If you ask most boxing fans they will laugh at those odds and I don’t fault them for that. Despite being an MMA news site – we are also realistic. This is a straight boxing contest and Conor is in there with the best.

Conor McGregor has moved up from huge underdog to a surprising 4/1. This is attributed to the PR world tour and the perception that McGregor came out on top in the psychological games played. After seeing Paul Malignaggi’s bruised face from sparring with McGregor they took a good bump and landed him the more favorable numbers.

The odds on a draw are currently 50/1. No one is expecting this outcome and if they are I would love to hear their reasons. McGregor’s most agreed upon chance of winning is a KO in the first four or five rounds. Anything after that the edge is firmly given to the consensus pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We actually saw one site giving new users an introductory gift of 100-1 odds for McGregor. We will not link it here because we do not know enough about the site to introduce it to our readers. It is worth a search though if you want a good laugh.

Whatever the outcome is if it lives up to 1/10th of the hype it will be worth the staggering $100 PPV price.

It’s worth noting that has it +350 McGregor and -500 Mayweather as of August 12th.

The bout will be held on August 26th in Las Vegas.