Rockhold slams Weidman for beating ‘welterweight’ Gastelum

Chris Weidman has had a rough go since losing his middleweight title to Luke Rockhold. Then, Michael Bisping knocked out Luke and the title picture is muddy at the moment to say the least. Bisping has narrowly defeated Dan Henderson and is now squaring off against former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre later this year. Despite the chaos in the 185 pound division, Weidman says he is still the true champion even after going 3-1 in his last four with the 3 losses coming via KO/TKO. His one win was against former welterweight Kelvin Gastelum back on July 22, 2017.

After his victory over Kelvin, Michael Bisping wasted no time in “congratulating” Chris for beating a “welterweight” and also speculated on TRT usage. Rockhold agreed with some of that as he told The MMA Hour via MMA Fighting:

“He’s a bit delusional at times. He just lost three in a row, so for him to think he’s the champion is pretty far from. But he looked decent,” he said. “Still, Luke admits Chris looked decent, though he did defeat a Welterweight.”

“Weidman looked better than I’d seen him in a long time. He’s definitely, he’s got something back together and we’ll see. I mean, he did fight Kelvin Gastelum. He did fight a 170-pounder. So we’ll see, we’ll see what’s to come with him. He’s got a long ways to go.”

His advice on a Weidman vs. Rockhold rematch:

“For his sake, I hope not.”

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