Vince was “furious” at Nakamura for John Cena botch, Billy Graham slams McMahon

On last weekend’s WWE Smackdown Live we saw Shinsuke Nakamura defeat merchandise sales king John Cena for a chance to face Jinder Mahal for the WWE championship. During the match Shinsuke dropped Cena on his head when performing an exploder suplex. Word backstage is that cranky Vince McMahon became nuclear when he saw his cash cow slam headfirst in to the mat.  Nakamura was on the receiving end of a loud reprimand from the aging WWE head.

Nakamura immediately apologized and Cena said something along the lines of a friendly “don’t worry about it”. This did nothing for Vinny Mac’s rage and he lost it. Wrestlers backstage were taken aback by how insane McMahon reportedly went. Luckily, Vince isn’t going to flip out and suspend him like he did Titus O’Neil for a friendly jest of grabbing his arm and say, “ladies first” to let Stephanie walk by. Vince is still reportedly confident in Nakamura’s appeal and ability, BUT Nakamura can’t screw up again – at least not with Mr. Cena.

Superstar Billy Graham took to social media after hearing the news to slam the irrational reaction.

Vince McMahon

Hey fans, I just read a few hours ago that a story came out today in Sports Illustrated concerning the FURY of one Vince McMahon. Seem that he is furious with the Japanese star Nakamura, for dropping Cena on his head in their match last week. Vince said he “is not so much that mad at at Shinsuke, but that Cena has been the ” FACE ” of the company for a full decade now.” Not for long Vince madman McMahon. Cena is on his way to La La land.

I saw Stan Hansen give Bruno the elbow in MSG when he broke Bruno’s neck. Vince Sr. didn’t cry like a baby, he just let Bruno get his neck fixed and keep on wrestling. Vince is living in Disney Land if he thinks Cena is still the ” Face ” of the WWE. Grow up Vince.

Hey fans, I am still working on my painting, will get it up for you in a few days. Catch you folks later.

Superstar Billy Graham… PS.. God, Vince is such a cry baby !!!

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