If Floyd Mayweather steps inside the ring with Conor McGregor on Aug. 26 and he finds out the Irishman is way overmatched and he is outclassing him, the unbeaten boxing legend hinted he may have to carry McGregor a bit to keep the fans entertained. He was asked about this exact scenario.

“You got to realize, when there’s something of this magnitude, this is not just a fight, this is an event, this is a billion dollar fight,” Mayweather said at Thursday’s media day. “It’s an event and I think we both owe the fans as well as the public, everyone that’s tuning in, I think that we both should give them excitement.”

You can read between the lines of that and make of it what you will. But if Mayweather goes in a knocks McGregor out in the first round, would you feel cheated if you had bought the pay-per-view? Or would you prefer a “show” where Floyd carried Conor and tried to drag it out to entertain the fans?

There’s one guarantee though. Conor will not be looking to carry Floyd. And if Floyd eases off his attack in order to try and make more of a show of it, he could open himself up to one of McGregor’s big left hands. Best not to play with fire.

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