Preparing for the Fight of the Century

The 26th of August 2017, is a date that will be remembered for decades to come as a day when two fighting legends went toe to toe inside the boxing ring. Inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Floyd “Money” Mayweather, an undefeated five weight division world champion will take on Conor “Notorious” McGregor, himself the UFC Lightweight Champion, and former UFC Featherweight Champion.

Here is an interesting fact, did you know that Floyd Mayweather has never fought a professional fight in August before. Throughout his 49-0 career, the undefeated champion has never stepped into a boxing ring during the month of August. Maybe this was on his mind when the date was set to fight McGregor. McGregor, however, has been inside the Octagon during the month of August. Twice, in fact, his most memorable of the two being his victory over Nate Diaz back in August 2016 to avenge his loss from a previous fight with Diaz.

Mayweather v McGregor betting tips is aware that Mayweather will not have stepped inside a ring to fight professionally for 714 days on August 26th. His last fight was way back in September 2015 when he defeated Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, U.S. Interestingly, Mayweather has fought his last thirteen fights at the MGM, now he has to walk into the T-Mobile Arena, a venue he has never fought inside.

In the original Roman calendar the month of August was called Sextilis. This was because it was the sixth month of the year. Later, after January and February were added to the calendar, it became the eighth month of the year. … The month was later renamed Augustus in honour of the first emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus. I wonder who will be the emperor at the end of the night after the fighters have done their thing. Who do you think will be victorious, do you think the fight will go the distance?

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