According to Instagram Cyborg wants this fight and so do we

Cris Cyborg is the new featherweight champion of the UFC women’s division and she is wasting no time in calling people out. She took to Instagram to post this photo so get ready to get hyped.

Ideally, Cris would like to fight former UFC women’s bantamweight champ Holly Holm at the end of this year. Of anyone in the division, Holly might be able to get it done if she is on her game. Cyborg is considered the most dominant woman in MMA history and for good reason. She crushes everyone in her path starting back when she beat women’s MMA darling Gina Carano in Strikeforce in 2009. Since then she has been ridiculed by Dana White, accused of being a man, and generally disrespected because she doesn’t fit the dolled up mold that media likes to make in to stars. Fans of MMA know she is the women’s GOAT and this fight with Holm would cement it if she can win.

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