Betting on UFC This August: Money vs. Notorious

There is no question that Conor McGregor has taken over the UFC betting world. Four years ago, the Irishman was cashing in welfare checks, living mostly off his parents and girlfriend. But sure enough, hard work at the gym turned into an indomitable will to take over the fight game, which McGregor certainly did – at least in the world of MMA.

Now, Notorious is faced with an opportunity to, as he called it, ‘take over boxing’. Facing the greatest defensive boxer the world has ever known, McGregor is undoubtedly faced with his greatest challenge. How can he overcome that which 49 other men – professional boxers mind you, couldn’t even come close to doing?

UFC sportsbook fans may have mixed feelings about Floyd Mayweather, but there’s no denying his greatness. AT 49-0, Money now has the opportunity to surpass Rocky Marciano’s perfect 49-0 record. Mayweather may not have had the same amount of knockouts the Brockton Blockbuster, but he still achieved a level of success that no other boxer had ever dreamed of.

The goal of the fight game is to get in, make as much money as possible, and get out while taking as little damage as possible. Naturally, the fierce level of competition at the top makes this extremely difficult to accomplish, and it’s exactly what makes Mayweather’s success so noteworthy.

Mayweather, who was guided by his father and uncle at an early age – both of whom were professional boxers in their own right, developed a defense-first philosophy in his approach to boxing. Using solid fundamentals that were honed in before any other form of education, boxing became second nature to Pretty Boy Floyd.

One of the most principal part of Mayweather’s legacy involves his buyout of his contract from under Bob Arum to form his own firm, Mayweather Promotions. In doing so, Mayweather donned his new persona, ‘Money’, and became his own boss.

Mayweather is boxing, but Money has never had an opponent who could rival his greatness. The UFC betting community knows that McGregor certainly fits the bill in terms of star power, but will he be able to land on the greatest defensive boxer of all time? Just look at the kind of shape that Mayweather is in heading into this fight.

Nevertheless, those betting on UFC feel that McGregor’s jeet kune do stance and philosophy will give the Irishman a weapon that Mayweather has never seen. Every opponent McGregor has ever faced always talks about his exceptional speed, after facing him in the octagon.

UFC betting fans who have been paying close attention to this story have gotten some insight into McGregor’s boxing prowess via Paulie Malignaggi, a two-weight boxing champion who was brought in to spar McGregor. Albeit, the sparring sessions turned out to be a lot more like a real fight.

Malignaggi had previously talked a big game in response to the first rumors of a Mayweather-McGregor boxing match, and McGregor made it a point to address his comments during their presser, stating that Malignaggi was going to be brought it to answer for what he said.

Unfortunately, Paulie didn’t feel too comfortable with the images coming out of the McGregor camp. Particularly one that made it seem like McGregor had scored a knockdown on Malignaggi.  

Since then, Malignaggi has gone on a diss-McGregor tour that mostly critics the Irishman’s inflated ego. Malignaggi claims that McGregor only wants yes-men around him, instead of people who will actually challenge him and force him to grow.

On the other side, those from McGregor’s camp say that there’s simply not enough time for McGregor to learn too much boxing: forms, technique, and combinations. Stating that it’s better for him to stick with what he knows, refine it, and accomplish the goal on August 26th.