Frank Mir says Jon Jones will beat everyone not named Overeem or Miocic

Frank Mir spoke with the MMA Hour and revealed he was indeed talking to Bellator about signing with and possibly fighting for the organization. He also shared his opinion about the potential super fight between light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar — a man who Mir has history with inside the octagon.

I think it’s gonna be an interesting fight, because obviously Jones is a much better mixed martial artist, but the one area that we’ve never seen Jon fight at is off his back. And I have to assume that Brock is good enough of a wrestler. Obviously in his heyday he was a national champion, but now the guy is 40 years old he doesn’t wrestle the way he did back 10 years ago. Can he put Jon on his back, and if he does, can he capitalize on it?

So it’s interesting. So I think there is an interest to it. It’s not a blowout. There’s something on paper where I sit there and go, ‘Oh sh-t, Brock you have no chance.’ Well, he could put him on his back, possibly. Run a double on him. If anybody could, I’d have to think maybe Brock could. And then would put Jon in an area that we really haven’t seen Jon fight from.

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