Dana buries another hatchet

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson’s manager has revealed on The MMA Hour that Dana White and DJ are on good terms again. Dana publicly slammed Johnson for turning down a TJ Dillashaw fight for a fight with his UFC 215 opponent Ray Borg. Dillashaw was the UFC bantamweight champion and was going to drop down to face the champ. The refusal to fight TJ prompted White to nearly abolish the weight class altogether, but DJ and White have seen eye to eye and we may see history at UFC 215. Here’s the behind the scenes scoop from DJ’s manager.

They buried the hatchet. Dana told DJ how he felt about some stuff and DJ told Dana how he felt about some stuff. They buried the hatchet.

There was a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. There were are a lot of different parties involved, I thought I would bring the two of them together and get this thing right.

It worked well. I’m expecting this to work out in DJ’s favor in the long run. I think he will be very happy and I think UFC will be very happy with him.

It went great…it went well. DJ fights on Sept. 9 against Ray Borg, he’ll break the (UFC title defense) record and then we’ll move onto something else and try to get him into some big fights. We’re going to make the right moves for DJ and help DJ reach the goals that he wants to reach.

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