Sonnen says Ortiz is a drug addict and New York behavior was bizarre

Duane Finley of spoke with Chael Sonnen recently and the topic of Tito Ortiz came up. Sonnen talked specifically about Ortiz’s behavior in New York the night they fought. Sonnen lost via submission but swears something wasn’t right with Tito.

 “I thought his behavior was bizarre. Tito is a drug addict, and it’s kind of hard to imagine he’s going to be rational. I could see his eyes that night, and his pupils were the size of Easter eggs. I knew he was high and didn’t know what he was going to do.”

I did find it peculiar because Tito won. Tito beat me, and it’s just being a poor sport. I know poor sports because Wanderlei (Silva) pushed me after the fight, and he’s a poor sport as well, but I’ve never heard of a poor winner before. Tito won the fight, and he’s over here shouting at me. I just thought it was strange, but then I looked in his eyes and saw he was cranked out of his mind. I thought to myself, ‘OK… this is going to be interesting.’ ”

Dan Henderson and Randy Couture were right next to him, which makes me think he might have wanted to pick his audience better. I had my hands full with the fight, but Henderson even gave me the look at one point. And I knew what the look meant because I’ve known Henderson for 20 years. That look said, ‘You want me to handle this?’ ”

Now I don’t like Tito, but I don’t hate Tito enough for that because that isn’t going to go well for him when Dan Henderson gets involved.”

There were quite a few people that believe Tito tapped and the ref didn’t see it, few say the fight was thrown, and many that say the hype didn’t deliver.

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