Jon Jones is happy to be the piece of SH*T F**K up?!

During the recent UFC 214 conference call, former light heavyweight world champion Jon Jones expressed his pleasure with his current social status. After years of Daniel Cormier blasting him on social media it seems to have a lessened impact for Jones. Jon has been in trouble with the law quite a bit for a high profile MMA fighter. Cormier never lets him forget it, but on this conference call we saw a different side of Jon Jones.

It’s all out there in the public, and that’s a freeing feeling to be looked at as a piece of shit by so many people. And to be able to just be real for yourself and to take responsibility for the things you’ve done wrong. I feel so free, man. It’s a great feeling to be who I am. Jon Jones, the fuck up. Jon Jones, the great. However, you look at me, it’s just great to be me. Alive. Whether you like me or hate me. It’s just a great feeling to be relevant. I think my story is gonna really inspire somebody else who has fucked up. It’s gonna really inspire somebody else. To realize that it is not over. ‘Man, if Jon Jones can come back from the shit that he’s been through and ultimately win and be the champion he’s always been capable of being.’ I’m glad that I’m used, as a laughingstock or whatever it might be to ultimately inspire, if it’s just one person. If there’s just one person that continues to fight because of my life. I’m glad to be in this position.

UFC 214 takes place between Jon “Piece of Sh**” Jones and Daniel “Towelgate” Cormier on July 29 in Anaheim, California.

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