MayMac betting odds per Bovada are just plain baffling

Betting odds are weird sometimes and often they are just downright insane. Conor McGregor, who has never boxed before professionally, is taking on the best boxer on the planet right now in Floyd Mayweather Jr. The fight itself is a spectacle and no one sane is picking Conor to win. Now…

Here’s what’s baffling about the booking odds. Conor is only +375. That is insane if you think about it and if you know anything about odds then you do know it’s crazy. Take a look at the odds from betting site Bovada for the fight happening August 26 in Vegas.

  • Floyd Mayweather -550
  • Conor McGregor +375

Let me put that in perspective. Jeremy Stephens was +350 against a -485 Max Holloway at UFC 194 and that’s an MMA bout between two experienced fighters. Again, Conor has no formal boxing bouts to his name and Floyd is 49-0. Weird.

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