What happened after RAW went off the air last night?

WWE usually has something up their sleeve when it comes to surprise post-main event interactions by superstars strictly for the crowd’s entertainment. Heck, when I went to a house show in the late 1990’s we got to see Rock and Austin do one of their famous singing duets. As they finished Margaritaville’s last chorus line, Austin stunned Rock with a mouth full of beer, and the roof came off the place.

Also, after nearly all of their TV tapings they would hold a dark match, meaning a non-televised bout where the good guys would do some funny stuff making the bad guys look silly, hit every one of their finishers, and then start celebrating with the fans. Nowadays those matches are not as common.

Last night WWE did not have a dark match after RAW in Washington D.C.. Instead, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were standing tall in the ring after beating The Miztourage. Rollins thanked the crowd while Ambrose headed to the back. That was it. No fanfare, no extra gift for spending so much money, and no memorable ending to send them home feeling happy.

Times are a changing.

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