To no one’s surprise Gegard Mousasi is not happy that Yoel Romero will be facing Robert Whittaker at UFC 213 for the interim middleweight championship. Michael Bisping was set to defend against a returning George St. Pierre and then the fight was scrapped due to GSP stating he could not fight until November. Then it was back on again (?) when Michael Bisping said he wanted Yoel Romero to fight Robert Whittaker instead of waiting for him to recover from knee surgery. It’s a mess when you look at it rationally.

  1. GSP announces return.
  2. Bisping challenges GSP.
  3. Michael Bisping has knee surgery so a late summer date was likely for the GSP bout.
  4. GSP says he can’t fight until November.
  5. Bisping says he will wait.
  6. Dana says nope.
  7. Bisping says “cheater” Romero should get beaten up by Whittaker.
  8. Dana agrees and makes UFC 213 fight between the two.
  9. Mousasi gets pissed.
  10. Mousasi goes on UFC tonight.

Mousasi told UFC Tonight:

They should pay me. I’m a co-main event all the time, so it’s not like people don’t know me. I think I earned it. Don’t tell me it’s a fair sport. It should have to do with rankings. I’m up there. I’ve fought more than 10 years. I’ve earned it. I thought I was ranked higher than Whittaker. He’s skipping three spots. I don’t understand it. But I think USADA time is a different time now. There’s only one guy left. Luke Rockhold. That’s the fight the UFC wants to make. But it’s taking a long time. I think that’s a fight fans would like. I have a month and a half left on my contract, then I can go talk to other people.

The middleweight division was immediately clouded when Bisping beat Rockhold for the title. Instead of fighting a top contender he sought revenge and got it against Dan Henderson. Then he agrees to fight former WELTERWEIGHT champion GSP. The top ranked middleweights are now stuck in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen. In reality, Yoel Romero will be considered the true champion if Bisping doesn’t fight him on his return. What sense would it make for there to be two titles defended instead of unified?

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