cyborg vs magana

Former Strikeforce and Invicta FC featherweight champ, Cris Cyborg and UFC strawweight Angela Magana got into an altercation this past weekend at the UFC fighters retreat when Cyborg socked her. Charges have been pressed and Cyborg could possibly even face jail time. Many in the MMA community feel that Magana got what was coming to her after trolling Cyborg online. Cyborg referred to insults from Magana as “bullying” and feels the issue is systemic from the top down in the organization.

There is a big size difference in the two ladies, so an MMA fight in the cage could likely never happen, but on the street there’s a different type of justice and once in a while one will have to answer for something they did or said to spark the ire of said opponent. Magana got a fist-full but stood strong and showed a good chin. It’s unfortunate the police were called and the legal system is now involved, but that’s the world we live in.

Still, after all this, Magana has now sent out a challenge to Cris Cyborg in the form of a BJJ match with a gi and no time limit. Well, if we can’t get an MMA fight, this is the next best thing, is it not? And do you think both ladies could restrain themselves enough to not let loose a few elbows and punches during this?

The #illchokeyououtbitch is a nice touch. The #idontfightinthestreets may not be the best alternative if you are getting attacked. Sometimes you may be forced to fight in the streets if there is an attack, in order to survive. Fortunately this battle didn’t escalate to that level, yet.

But if you think the right hook from Cyborg slowed Magana down any, think again.┬áMagana hasn’t let up one bit on social media. In fact, she’s amped it up.

Is this a case of Magana not learning her lesson, or is she going to have the last laugh in court?

Cyborg feels she is being sexually harassed and is speaking out about it.

Cyborg talks about the bully culture she has experienced with the UFC.

To be continued…

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