Vertical Jumps – The Ultimate Fitness Changer

Truth be told, there is a cost if you want to have an athlete’s or bodybuilder’s body. In most cases, this is not a result of taking life as a roller coaster. It calls for a combination of factors which will help the muscles expand and grow, giving the much desired masculine figure. One thing for sure is that steroids in sport do help people to achieve their dreams of gaining muscles fast. They provide a direct boost, and when well complimented with the right exercises, the sky is the limit for such a person. So, this publication will discuss how vertical jumps can help to achieve an athlete’s body.

What are vertical jumps?

Vertical jumps are the act of raising the body from the ground using one’s own strength from the leg muscles. Simply said, it is the act of jumping high on a vertical plane without the help of anything apart from the body itself. People can set targets in terms of how high they can jump or how many times they can jump in minutes. According to expert fitness trainers, jumping and bouncing are crucial to the body as it helps to build strength and prevent injuries.

Various types of vertical jumps


When an athlete or any other person takes bouncing seriously, experts confirm that it can burn calories up to three times faster than normal jumps. Again it is a great way to increases the elasticity of tendons in preparations to store more energy for sports and other routine exercises. More so, bouncing will help the body to adapt to a safe landing which will reduce chances of injuries even when in the sports arena.

Depth jumps

Most people doing fitness exercises take these jumps seriously. They involve jumping on and off a box with a height of your choice. As a starter, it is recommended to use a box of not more than eight inches, and it can increase in height as you continue to master the landing techniques. Once you land in an athlete position, it is good to take a deep breath. It helps the body to adapt to taking in air during strenuous moments.

Knee to feet jump

Not many people are familiar with the knee to feet jump. However, doing it correctly will help the body to gain strength tremendously. It involves taking a kneeling position and then taking a swing to be on your feet.

Various tips when dealing with jumps

Practice daily

This plyometrics will not come easy, but a persistent daily practice will not only help you to master how to do it correctly but will also have a positive contribution to your fitness.

Improve gradually

Every day should be a day to perform better than yesterday. This can be in perfection, a number of jumps or how high one can jump. It will show success and motivate you to continue.

Learn to land correctly

Landing is key when taking vertical jumps training. It helps the body to adapt into landing in tough situations. If you are a sports person, It will drastically reduce chances of injuries like twists and muscle pulls.

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