Product Review: myCharge All Terrain+ portable USB charger

mycharge usb charger

There are many instances one might find the need of a portable USB charger and myCharge’s IP68 All Terrain+ military grade charger is water-proof, temperature-proof, dirt-proof and shock-proof. This makes it an ideal charger for those with active outdoor lifestyles or for the MMA fighter or athlete who needs a charger durable enough to withstand gym life.

The IP68 uses a micro-USB cable to keep it’s 5200mAh Lithium Ion battery recharged. You can recharge it anywhere with a USB connect and it is supposed to maintain stored power, if not used, for approximately one-year.

Pro MMA Now has been testing out the IP68 All Terrain+ portable USB charger out for a few weeks now and I must say I am well pleased. There are many times, even at home, when one would prefer the convenience of a portable charger so you are not tied to a static location with your phone. Or if you are a household like mine, where everyone is looking to always keep their devices charged, and cables can get misplaced easily, a portable charger is a good option.

At full capacity, the IP68 can fully recharge one dead iPhone and about half of another. Although specifications say it is 65% faster than its competitors, it really didn’t seem much faster to me than simply plugging your phone into an outlet or computer to charge. Of course, if you are out camping, hiking, boating, at the beach or gym, you aren’t probably going to have that option, so in that case the IP68 All Terrain+ would make perfect sense.

The IP68 has two available USB ports so two devices can be connected at once for charging. There are LED lights on the front of the charger that will let you know how much power the unit has left. It doesn’t weight much more than an iPhone, and though a little bulkier, it has an ergonomic feel that fits comfortable in your hand. It has a durable outer casing that should protect it from most accidental damage that could occur, unless you fall off a cliff, and even then it might still work!

A great feature of this product is that the IP68’s power bank can be charging, while at the same time your can be recharging up to two devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or iPad. Also, I can confirm the IP68 is indeed waterproof and no water had leaked in while the safety top was latched and the device was submerged in water. Should you go swimming with it in your pocket? Probably not, but any accidental submergence that could occur while at the beach or pool or out boating, and you should be fine.

There were a couple of down sides. There’s not much in the way of instructions with the IP68 and we just had to sort of figure it out, which isn’t that difficult, but some literature or instructions with the device would be helpful. Also, we were hoping to at least get two full phone charges out of the device but, as stated earlier, with a fully charged IP68, we charged one completely dead iPhone and about half of another.

But for a retail price of $49.99, the cost seems very reasonable. The product serves its purpose and for those with an active lifestyle, especially if you are outdoors a lot, the IP68 All Terrain+ portable USB charger is a perfect fit. The myCharge website also has a large assortment of other models to choose from if you don’t need something so rugged.

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