Jacob ‘The Killer’ Kilburn talks UFC goal and why Conor McGregor is ‘terrible’

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Harris-Holt Martial Arts instructor and Montgomery county native, Jacob “The Killer” Kilburn, aims to entertain his hometown fans once again when he returns to the A&A Fight Time Promotions cage on Saturday, May 6, at Austin Peay’s Foy Recreation Center. Kilburn will face Illinois featherweight Anthony Lorenzo in the “A Night of Explosion 2” co-main event.

The 21-year-old Kilburn made a successful pro MMA debut in Clarksville last November when he knocked out Memphis’s Kevin Henry in the first round. Then in March Kilburn faced Louisville’s Elliott Blair in the Hardrock MMA 87 main event in Bowling Green and he won that fight via second round submission. 

Before Kilburn steps back in the cage this weekend looking to keep his unbeaten streak alive and take one step closer to the big show, “The Killer” spoke with Pro MMA Now.

Pro MMA Now: Thanks for talking with us Jacob, how has training been going leading up to this fight on May 6th against Anthony Lorenzo?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: Training is good man! My cardio and technique is always there and I’m feeling sharp as ever.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Do you like to study video of your opponents before fights or leave that sort of thing up to your coaches?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: I do watch a little tape on my opponent, but I wouldn’t use the term study. I just like to kind of see what they are about. My Bible study is more important than studying an opponent.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: How do you see this fight ending?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: With my hand raised! I want a finish, but more than anything I’m just looking to perform well.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: You got a spectacular KO win in your pro debut back in November, how did that feel to end your first pro fight that way?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: It felt like another day in practice honestly. It was good to put my skills on display against an opponent with more fights.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: And in March you got a submission win over Elliott Blair in the main event at Hardrock MMA 87. Were you happy with your performance in that fight?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: I could have done much better, and that I am happy about, because I finished him and I didn’t even look my best.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Where do you think your biggest improvements are being made right now?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: On top of just sharpening everything, I’d have to say perfecting the training camp! Getting out of those 8 weeks without injury is a science most don’t understand.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What can the fans expect to see on May 6 when you step in the cage at Austin Peay?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: They can expect to see “The Killer” who is on a mission to the UFC and will stop at nothing to get there. Clarksville is in for a treat![/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: We’ve heard you call out Conor McGregor after your last two wins, do you think you’re ready for the UFC champ and how would you see that fight playing out? And are you a fan of his?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: Gosh that guy is terrible, and I mean that in the kindest way possible. He has the same style and stance that I’ve fought against my whole life. I grew up competing in open martial arts point fighting tournaments, and McGregor has that karate style. If we fought I’m confident I’d prevail. I can play his game AND implement mine. It bugs me to see him on top, he’s overrated and a bad example for the younger fighters.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Thanks Jacob, any final thoughts or sponsors you would like to shout out or anyone you want to thank?

[highlight]Jacob Kilburn: I have to thank God for allowing me to go down this road. But I also have to give a shoutout to all my friends and coaches who help me on a day to day basis. Far too many to name![/highlight]

Jacob “The Killer” Kilburn highlights:

Check out this ref-cam footage of Jacob’s last fight against Elliot Blair at Hardrock MMA 87 in Bowling Green, Ky.