Legendary WWE bully John Bradshaw Layfield.
Legendary WWE bully John Bradshaw Layfield.

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Mauro Ranallo and WWE have quietly parted ways with no reprimand for JBL.

As I, and others have reported there was no belief that known bully JBL would face reprisal for his actions. Bullying played a part in Mauro’s disappearance from TV and there is no “allegedly” about it. Dozens of former and current WWE stars have come out about John Bradshaw Layfield’s relentless bullying. Reports that Vince McMahon finds Bradshaw’s “ribbing” humorous are documented by several reputable sources. Look it up.

It is baffling to the masses why it is okay for JBL to steal visas, soap up naked wrestlers in the shower against their wishes, threaten employees, and get physical with them.

Fellow commentators¬†referred to Mauro as ‘MR”. Seems like no big deal. Those are his initials right? They are but MR is a slang term Vince McMahon used as a kid on the playground. They called Mauro who has a legit mental disorder “MR” or mental retard.

Be a star Vince.

Fans deserve more, the wrestlers deserve more. Will we get it? Nope. JBL is allowed on TV going against every beAstar campaign WWE heads up. There is no excuse for it and it is a stark reminder how much abuse is allowed in a publicly traded company such as World Wrestling Entertainment.

Friends of his in the company have come out in support of JBL. Duh. They are paid by WWE so why in the heck would they speak out and get fired from cushy jobs?

JBL has blocked anyone and everyone that followed him that wished Mauro well in other endeavors outside of WWE. The followers didn’t even say a negative word or mention Bradshaw. Bullies tend to flee when they are called out.

To conclude, Joey Styles the commentator knocked out JBL, but it wasn’t on video. This one was.

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