TUF 25 Premiere Live Blog

tuf 25 poster

The Ultimate Fighter 25: Redemption series starts tonight on FS1 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and we’ll have a live blog of the episode right here. The cast of welterweights have all competed on previous seasons of The Ultimate Fighter and the opposing coaches are Bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt and arch rival TJ Dillashaw.

The TUF 25 cast includes The Ultimate Fighter 2 welterweight winner Joe Stevenson, The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn middleweight winner Eddie Gordon and current UFC fighter James Krause among others.

Here’s the full TUF 25 cast:

  • Seth Baczynski (TUF 11)
  • Mehdi Baghdad (TUF 22)
  • Justin Edwards (TUF 13)
  • Tom Gallicchio (TUF 22)
  • Eddie Gordon (TUF 19)
  • Hayder Hassan (TUF 21)
  • James Krause (TUF 15)
  • Julian Lane (TUF 16)
  • Dhiego Lima (TUF 19)
  • Ramsey Nijem (TUF 13)
  • Gilbert Smith (TUF 17)
  • Joe Stevenson (TUF 2)
  • Jesse Taylor (TUF 7)
  • Hector Urbina (TUF 19)


We get to hear the stories of some of the past contestants as the show starts. Joe Stevenson’s story is quite touching as he talks about battling alcoholism.

We hear Jesse Taylor’s story about he got kicked off season 7 before the finals. Taylor said he never gave up on his UFC dream.

James Krause explains his reasons for returning to TUF despite being the only fighter on the cast who is currently on the UFC roster. Krause says it’s a lot of money and a chance for redemption.

Dana White says the fighters get $10,000 per fight for being on the show, $5,000 for finishes and $250,000 for winning the show.

Coaches Garbrandt and Dillashaw are introduced and Garbrandt is shown interviewing the fighters.

Team Dillashaw: James Krause, Jesse Taylor, Ramsey Nijem, Dhiego Lima, Joe Stevenson, Tom Gallicchio, Gilbert Smith

Team Garbrandt: Seth Baczynski, Mehdi Baghdad, Eddie Gordon, Hector Urbina, Hayder Hassan, Julian Lane, Justin Edwards

There will be a wildcard fight.

First fight will be Gilbert Smith vs. Seth Baczynski, next will be James Krause vs. Hector Urbina.

Urbina weighs 194 pounds at the moment and has a lot of weight to shed before the fight.

We get a look at Gilbert Smith and Seth Baczynski’s back stories. Seth talks about the murder of his sister and how he and his brother are raising her children.

Urbina is shown trying to cut weight. Garbrandt points out how negative Urbina’s attitude is and says he’s being “a little bitch”. Day before weigh ins Urbina is at 188 pounds and it’s not looking good at all. Urbina finally breaks the news to Garbrandt that he’s pulling out of the fight and can’t make weight. Dana releases him from the show and takes the coaches to decide what’s next.

Garbrandt picks alternate Johnny Nunez to replace Hector and fight Krause at a later date. Gilbert is not happy he was picked last and picked first to fight. Seth overhears him talking about beating guys that beat him and confronts him. They have words the day before their fight and have to be separated. Then it’s time for weigh-ins and Gilbert starts having words with Cody and then TJ chimes and and Cody grabs him by the throat! Awww shit, all hell done broke loose. The teammates break it up before it gets too serious and things settle down pretty quick.

Weigh-ins are next for Gilbert and Seth’s fight. Staredowns are intense as Gilbert stays focused straight ahead not letting Seth get in his head as he taunts.

The TUF uniforms are always interesting to see because the designs are often quite bad. This season the colors are red and blue with white trim. The uniforms are quite plain and lack originality.

Seth Baczynski vs. Gilbert Smith

Round 1 – Nice left from Gilbert. Low kick and they clinch, knee from Gilbert. Dirty boxing from both, uppercut on the break from Gilbert. Jab. Straight left. Takedown attempt from gilbert stuffed. Seth touches him up with a couple shots, then Gilbert goes for another takedown, takes several elbows to the side of the head but gets Seth down and goes for his back. Seth gets up briefly but gets dragged right back down and Gilbert is on his back looking for the choke with 90 seconds to go. Gilbert continues to soften him up with punches and Seth is bleeding a bit. 10-9 Gilbert

Round 2 – Low kick from Gilbert. Two hard body kicks from Gilbert and then a takedown. Seth gets to his feet and jumps on a guillotine but can’t finish. Gilbert on top now in half guard with punches and hammerfists. Gilbert staying very tight on the ground as Seth fights his best to get to his feet. Gilbert not giving an inch and puts him right back down the moment he gets up. Inside full guard Gilbert stays busy with punches. Gilbert stays very buys until the bell. 10-9 Gilbert

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gilbert Smith def. Seth Baczynski via unanimous decision

Eddie Gordon is picked to fight Tom Gallichio next.