Jimi Manuwa says Cormier is a boring potato

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier

Jimi Manuwa spoke with MMA Junkie and dropped one of the funniest slams of 2017 so far. Not only did he knock UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier’s fighting style, but he went after his body shape, too.

To be fair, I respected Cormier. He’s the champion of the division. I think he’s quite a boring fighter; he’s not the most boring, but he’s wrestling, and it’s not that great for the fans. That’s probably why he’s not so popular with the fans. But I said that in an interview, and he took it like, ‘Oh, he said I’m a boring fighter.’ He came to me and called me out when I was cage side. I’m sitting cage side watching the fight. He felt the presence, and he knows deep down. Why would he come to me? I’m number four, I’m no one in the division. He knows. Talking about my Gucci jumpsuit – have you seen the way this guy dresses? He dresses like his mom dresses him. He’s a big potato. This designer stuff won’t even fit him. He’s like a round ball.

Manuwa and fellow light heavyweight Jon Jones are in line for a title shot with interchangeable numbers of one and two.

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