wwe fail

Again, these opinions are mine and not PMN’s.

Under the Mat Radio  spoke with former WWE and NXT commentator Rich Brennan recently about JBL. In case you are living under a rock: John Bradshaw Layfield is notorious for bullying/hazing wrestlers, announcers, and anyone he works with and his most recent victim was Mauro Ranallo. Mauro left WWE because of the unprofessional atmosphere of WWE. Brennan didn’t think it was surprising JBL has acted the way he has for so many years. He confirms what everyone already knew that JBL was Vince McMahon’s buddy.

JBL was difficult to work with as a broadcast partner, it’s nothing you can do about it because that’s Vince’s guy. With this whole thing going on (Mauro situation) I don’t know but it seems like he’s entrenched there. He basically violates all rules when it comes to broadcast announcers in how we are trained to be announcers because he can.  Difficult to work with part of that is his heel persona, some of that is if he (JBL) doesn’t like you or respect you then it’s dialed up little bit. At times I felt like he really didn’t work to make the product better he was just there to get himself over. Backstage he was okay to me, can I see him giving Mauro a hard time? Absolutely I can.

I am one of the thousands that will not let this drop. In any other organization that is publicly traded that behavior would not be tolerated and JBL would be fired. In WWE it is often said that it is encouraged because Vinny Mac loves a good rib.

Imagine you were Edge. You are taking a shower and a naked JBL walks up behind you and starts soaping you up including your backside. That’s one of the few non-violent stories that have been told over the years.

Fix it WWE.

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