josh cumbeeBefore Georgia’s Josh Cumbee returns to action against Bright Benson Saturday for Valor Fights 42 in Newport, Tenn., LIVE on FloCombat, the top prospect sat down with ProMMANow.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

The guy I started training with – I worked with his mom in a mechanic’s shop – he came in one day, she had been talking with him about me. We got to talking, people had asked me about fighting before and I’d always said no. But the opportunity popped up when he invited me to his gym and I’ve been in love with the sport ever since.

Did you fall in love with the sport right away?

Oh yeah – I’ve always been a huge competitor. I’ve always played football and travel basketball for AAU teams. I’ve always been in the gym. As soon as I got in the MMA gym and started training and doing cardio circuits, hitting the bag, doing jits, wrestling, and stuff – I just fell in love immediately.

Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished so far or are you still hungry for what comes next?

Absolutely I’m still hungry. I’m happy with my record so far. Of course I wish I was 5-0 and not 4-1 but due to inexperience with wrestling and being on the ground, I got choked out in that fight. I panicked on the ground because I didn’t have any experience. I’m definitely still hungry. I’m hoping for a chance at a 185 title this year with Valor.

How excited are you to be back in action?

I can’t wait man. This is actually the most excited I’ve been for a fight. He’s got a winning record, I’ve got a winning record. We each have five fights under our belt. So we’ve got about the same experience. I feel like I’m always the underdog because I don’t train at a big gym. I actually train at my own gym, right now. I’ve got a few buddies who help me out. I’m not from a big gym with a bunch of pro fighters. So I feel like I’m the underdog but we’ve both got the same experience, the same record, so this is definitely going to be one of my hardest fights just because of his experience training and the gym he fights out of. Of course, he’s 6’3″ so he’s got a couple of inches on me so he’ll have reach on me. With all of that factored in, I’m still definitely excited.

How do you see this playing out?

I‘m really not sure. I don’t know his game plan. My game plan is to just go in there and try to win with whatever he gives me. If he wants to stand up then we’ll stand up. Like I said, he’s got reach on me so he might try to stand up, stay on the outside, and lead with his jab. While watching a few of his fights I saw he’s got a decent jab – he’s quick. I’m looking forward to getting in there. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out but it’s a fight and anybody can win any fight, any day – in my opinion.

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