Bookmakers always keep up with times, tirelessly improving their services. At first there were only sweepstakes around, then places for bets had made appear here and there; afterwards bookmakers began accepting bets through phones and with the appearance of the World Wide Web the industry moved to the internet, which started the era of betting via PC and notebooks. And now we finally have the opportunity to place bets on sporting events using tablets and smartphones from anywhere. Developers of casino apps also don’t fall behind: some casinos like Mr. Green Casino already offer live blackjack or roulette (you can read about advantages and disadvantages of Mr. Green Casino here).

mobile bookie

At present, every solid online bookmaker has a mobile version of own site. It is simplified version of the main site, adapted for mobile devices. Load times are much faster, but in most cases it is less functional. Although in recent times there is a noteworthy tendency of improving functionalities of sites for mobile betting. Companies invest a lot of money into mobile versions development, realizing that mobile betting – is future of bookmaking sphere.

To place bets, you have to make an account on bookmaker’s site and mobile device with internet access. Since mobile versions, in essence, are light versions of main bookmaker’s sites, you can place sporting bets with ease. Along with web apps, some bookmakers offer downloadable versions for Android and iPhone.

While it’s great to be able to place bets right on the go, it is not the only thing that makes these gambling apps revolutionary. Even the most casual gambling observers could have noticed the changes in communal aspects of gambling environment lately. An increase in gambling advertising spent in recent years and growth of in-play have had an impact on how bettors engaging with events: be it sharing screenshots of bets on social media or checking odds on Twitter during matches. Thus, it has been obvious that it was only a matter of time before online betting and social media would be brought together.

For example, the basic premise of two social betting brands that pinned the most attention lately – Betfect and WantMybet, launched about two years ago – is that users can share tips with each other and climb the leader board every time one of their bets or tips is successful. These sites are definitely not the first in the space, as others apps already had functions allowed for wagering between friends, with the ability for users to follow each other and generate followers, display own betting history and live feed.

The convenience of being able to monitor the odds or read the news, to place live bets sitting in a pub with friends as the action develops is plainly obvious. With mobile devices becoming increasingly powerful the betting apps can host more features, so there will be less and fewer reasons to be tethered to desktop sites in a near future.

Future of mobile gambling industry seems pretty promising. Would the next step be an integration of virtual reality? At the current technologies progress pace it doesn’t seem so unrealistic, but time will tell what innovations future hold for us.

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