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Before Joe “Lights Out” Pingitore looks for his second straight first-round stoppage when he takes on Kenny Foster at CES 42 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on AXS TV Fights, the former CES title challenger sat down with

Why have you been so successful so far?

It starts with your support. My boxing coach, Dave Keefe and my teammates. Tri-Force right now is really, really starting to develop where every day there are more and more kids signing up. So you never know who’s going to walk through the door. My family and my girlfriend have been very supportive. The combination of all of that plus my natural mentality when I fight. A lot of people get psyched up and psyche themselves out. I’ve always been one to keep it calm in there and not care what happens, to the point of always performing at my best. I’m not worried about impressing someone. I didn’t get into this for the money, I got in because of God-given talents. He gave me the talent to be able to brawl it out for 3-5, so that’s it.

How do you see this fight playing out?

This is an interesting fight. I haven’t fought a wrestler in a few fights, now. I’d say it ends in another submission. I’m good wherever the fight goes. I always seek to exploit the weakest part of their game and most of his losses have come by submission. His strong point is his wrestling and he’s a pretty good boxer, too. Being really dedicated to jiu jitsu these last few years, I’ve fallen for that sport, too. I feel comfortable rolling with any belt level. I figure that I’ll catch him with a guillotine or maybe a [not sure] – who knows? I feel comfortable now, as far as the ground rule goes. I think I will finish him by submission.

What did you take away from your CES title fight with Matt Bessette?

I fucking hate losing. I think it shows that he’s the number-one guy around here right now. But it also shows that I’m right there. I’m right in the top five. I think no matter who I fight at this point in time, I’m pretty sure I can adapt to any level of competition. That’s the biggest point. I feel comfortable in there. Fighting takes years to develop and I’m finally starting to realize that all of that hard work and those classes are starting to pay off.

How excited are you to keep the momentum going at CES 42?

I‘m really excited. Seeing as Andre Soukhamthath just got signed to the UFC last night. I’ve been training with Rob Font who’s now fighting in the UFC. The opportunity is there. It’s there for the taking. This is real. Before it was pipeline, thirty-something fights ago, plus twenty amateurs bouts. Now, I see it and I feel like it’s right there. From what my coaches and everyone around me are saying, who knows, I could be next.

With an impressive win, do you want another shot at Matt Bessette’s title?

Supposedly he isn’t a fan of rematches. I wouldn’t be if I got my head bashed in for two rounds. We’ll see what happens. I’ve only had one win since the Beset fight. I know how it works. The title looks good, that’s great, but the main, real goal is to get signed to the UFC.

Do you have any words for Kenny Foster?

Keep your chin tucked, and your neck tucked tighter.

Where would you like to be twelve months from today?

I’d say that’s enough time for three or four more fights. Hopefully 10-2 or 11-2 and signing that big UFC contract.

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