Product Review: Active Edge electromagnetic shirt

active edge is always keeping an eye on the latest technology and life hacks to help with our fitness goals and enhance our daily experience. So when we heard about Active Edge’s products infused with a proprietary electromagnetic frequency technology designed to reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, increase balance and improve sleep, our curiosity was piqued. Active Edge sent over one of their Special Ops Shirts and one of their Sleep Shirts for us to try out.

First things first. The shirts are extremely comfortable and made from a Tri-blend of 50% Polyester, 25% Ring-Spun Cotton, and 25% Rayon. For sleep, working out or just wearing throughout the normal course of a day, the shirts have great elasticity, they are light and feel great. But for a price of $64.99 each, you’re going to want more than just a comfortable T-Shirt, right?

As soon as I put the Active Edge shirt on I could feel a type of electric charge. My fiancee felt the same thing when she tried one on. Over the next few weeks we tested them out by sleeping in them, doing yoga, exercising and even making a 15-hour car drive back-and-forth to Florida. I’ll tell you how the Active Edge Shirts held up under each of our tests.



A good night’s sleep is essential for overall wellness and maintaining a good quality of life. Active Edge™ is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. Developed here in America, Active Edge™ products are geared to help improve sleep, and more specifically, REM restorative sleep. In our clinical trials participants wearing Active Edge™ products treated with our technology of electromagnetic frequencies reported a significant improvement in sleep quality. This is defined as the ability to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. There was also a significant decrease in soreness, stiffness and pain form the back and neck. Study participants also reported that improved quality of sleep led to improvements in their quality of life due to an increase in alertness.


I honestly couldn’t tell a big difference in my sleep. If there was a difference in my sleep quality it was subtle. My fiancee had similar results. It didn’t disrupt my sleep but can’t say for sure it helped any. I do feel like wearing the shirt to sleep then getting up in the morning I was more alert and motivated to get the day started, but I usually sleep pretty good anyway unless the cats wake me up and the shirts can’t help with that.



Active Edge™ products are embedded with our proprietary electromagnetic frequency technology specifically geared to fight inflammation.  Medical experts believe that when our product comes into contact with the human body it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This immediately increases blood flow and reduces inflammation in the joints, while increasing oxygen intake. 

Who can these products benefit?  Anyone who is interested in reducing inflammation throughout the body;  People with back aches, joint pain, arthritis and any other ailments where inflammation is the root of the problem.   Many customers, including those with arthritis, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, and other diseases report lessened symptoms and an increase in quality of life.  Look below for testimonials of people who these products are helping to improve quality of life. 

Dr. Robert A. Erickson, M.D., was involved in many of the clinical trials with patients with arthritis and other debilitating ailments. He used thermographic imaging to objectively see the response to the human body when Active Edge™ products were worn. In his reports he states: A decrease in thermal pattern was observed in participants with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, myofascial dysfunction, or neuropathy. This may indicate that wearing Active Edge™ is modifying or decreasing the inflammatory response in these persons either directly or indirectly through interaction with the sympathetic nervous system. This correlates with these participants observing a reduction in their pain.


I do have some back issues including a bulging disc in my lower back and some rounded back and soreness from sitting at a computer for the last decade. I do regular yoga and exercise to help with this and I was curious about the effects the Active Edge shirts may have. Maybe there was some help in these areas. A 15-hour car ride each way, back-and-forth to Florida last month, was a good test on the shirt. Was there stiffness, soreness and pain? Heck yeah. But was it lessened by wearing the Active Edge shirt? It’s hard to say definitively. Maybe. I will say this, aside from the car ride, wearing the shirt during my daily work and activities, it feels like I’m not as stiff and sore as I would normally be. The instructions recommend wearing the shirts as often as possible for the full effect and the clinical trials seem to show decreased inflammation in the body.



Active Edge™ products can help give the body an edge while exercising or playing sports. They are embedded with our recipe of frequencies geared to specifically help increase performance, among other benefits.  Our clinical trials show when Active Edge is worn, 90% of people see the following average improvements:

17% increase in flexibility
8% increase in grip strength
Increased balance
Increased endurance

Active Edge™ is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. Developed here in America, Active Edge™ reacts very positively to help the human body perform at a higher level. Medical experts involved with our clinical trials believe when an Active Edge™ product comes into close proximity with the body, it activates the sympathetic nervous system. This increases blood flow and oxygen intake, while at the same time decreases inflammation, which all helps the body to perform at a more optimal level. This also helps the body to recover from exercise. Get yours and start wearing it today to give yourself an edge when working out or playing sports!


An increased performance was probably the biggest benefit I felt I gained from the Active Edge shirts. During my regular yoga practices I felt I could notice the increased flexibility and balance and made me wonder why they don’t offer yoga pants with the Active Edge technology. I feel like I could get into poses easier and hold them longer. Also, I feel like I was more motivated to do my workouts or even sit at my desk for extended periods with work while wearing Active Edge.


I like these shirts! They’re extremely comfortable and form-fitting. It almost feels like you aren’t wearing anything they are so soft. And I do feel like there’s some gained benefit from wearing them. This review comes after a few weeks of wearing them off an on. Because I’m not a scientist and don’t fully understand how they can weave this electromagnetic technology into a shirt, I have to take their word for it that it is in fact in there. And because I don’t fully understand it, my mind tends to think at least some of the benefit gained here is placebo. But I do think there is more to it than that, because as I stated earlier, as soon as we put the shirts on, you could feel a sort of charge. And that charge makes me want to keep wearing the shirts for whatever reason. I think I will have a better grip on how effective the shirts are after several months. In conclusion, the Active Edge shirts aren’t going to make you into a Superman or Superwoman. But if your goal is to be the best version of yourself possible, a little extra boost is always appreciated, and that may be what Active Edge is offering here.

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