Forty-three year-old Jorge “Macaco” Patino (38-19-2, 1 NC) has been competing in professional mixed martial arts for more than 20 years. The 4th-degree BJJ black belt is a former Legacy FC lightweight champion and has seen action in Pride, Strikeforce, WSOF, and even fought Pat Miletich for the UFC welterweight title back in 1999. “Macaco” has an upcoming fight against Yousef Wehbe (6-3) at Battlefield 1 in Seoul on March 18. We caught up with the veteran to find out his mindset and future plans in the sport.

You started your career in 1995, could you tell us the one biggest difference of fighting in 1995 and 2017?

When MMA started in 90’s it was a true style vs style, you had Jiu Jitsu vs Karate, Boxing vs Wrestling. Now MMA is more complete fight.

You have fought in UFC, Pride, Strikeforce, Pancrase, WSOF, and Legacy, which was your favorite event to fight at and why?

I love to fight, so it does not matter if its in UFC, Pride or WSOF. I am a fighter that is what I do, I have been fighting all my life, and I will continue to fight.

You are still very active and fighting world class fighters, please tell us your secret of being able to compete at a world class level this long?

It is easy because God is always in my heart.

Could you give us some feedback, on your most favorable single fight, and opponent?

I can’t tell you only one fight. All my fights are my favorite. The only time when it’s not my favorite is when I don’t have a fight.

You will be fighting in BattleField 1, in Seoul Olympic Stadium versus Yousef Wehbe, could you tell us about your training for this fight.

I train very hard everyday, I do hard sparring, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai. I have been doing a lot of cardio and strength training. I will be ready to make a good fight.

What next for Macaco?

I wanna win that fight and have a chance to fight for the title belt.

Any sponsors or people you would like to thank?

Yes all my sponsor and coaches. Sponsors include Extreme Hobby, Vitamin Shake, Keiko Sport
Mahamudra zn, Chute Boxe and St. Michael. Also, thanks to my manager Wade Hampel of Big Fight Management and my coaches Diego Lima and Rahyja Magalhães.

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