CES 42’s Richie Santiago: ‘I’ve Got Big Plans This Year!’

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Before Richie Santiago tries to improve to 4-0 at CES 42 against Chad Kelly on March 31 in Lincoln, R.I., the top New England bantamweight prospect sat down with ProMMANow.

What does nomination for the Devin Carrier Breakout Fighter of the Year award in 2016 mean to you?

It was a great honor. Devin Carrier was a great fighter, and he was a really good guy. It was very unfortunate that he passed, and that impacted a lot of people in our community, and outside of MMA. To be recognized for the award in his memory is an awesome honor.

How do you top 2016?

I just want to stay active and I want big finishes. I want to put my name out there and be considered one of the top guys by the end of the year.

How excited are you for this upcoming fight?

I‘m excited, man. Chad’s a tough guy and he’s fought a lot of tough guys. He hasn’t fought anybody like me, yet. I’m going to come in there and I’m ready to take him out. He’s just a stepping stone to me. I’ve got big plans this year.

How do you win this fight?

However I want. Chad thinks he can knock me out, so I’m probably going to stand with him — just to prove him wrong. On the other hand, if I take him down, the fight’s over. So, we’ll see how it goes.

Do you have any words for Chad, if he’s going to be reading this interview?

Put your hands up, and let’s go to war!

[Photo courtesy Will Paul]

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