dana white ufc209 scrum

UFC President Dana White is getting sick and tired of hearing fighters talk about wanting “money fights”. Conor McGregor is largely to blame for the UFC’s current predicament in this matter because as an enormous pay-per-view draw and personality, he can pretty much do whatever he wants. However, if you’re just another average fighter on the UFC roster, White doesn’t want to hear you talking about “money fights”.

At Friday’s UFC 209 media scrum, White unloaded:

“I’m getting tired of the term ‘money fights’. ‘I want the money fights, I want the money fights.’ What, are you all going to move down and fight Conor [McGregor]? Listen, there’s no bones about it. Conor is the guy. Conor brings in big gates, big pay-per-view numbers and everything else. Shut up if you don’t. If you’re not him, shut up, okay. Guys are talking about money fights, I’m like you’re not a money fight, okay? You’re not a money fight. You’re going to make whatever you’re going to make and if you’re a good champion and your fight sells, you’re going to do pay-per-views and you’re a partner in the pay-per-view. If you’re not that big pay-per-view star, shut up and fight.”

Ouch. That’s kind of harsh, but does he have a point?

White also discussed Georges St-Pierre’s return against Michael Bisping, Khabib Nurmagomedov missing weight and his fight with Tony Ferguson being canceled, Jon Jones’s anticipated return and much more. Take a look at the full scrum below.

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