Anthony Jimenez Excited To Put On ‘A Great Show’ For 559 Fights

ajBefore San Bernardino’s Anthony Jimenez tries to win his sixth straight, and win the bantamweight title, at 559 Fights 54 on March 18 in Visalia, Calif., the former college wrestler caught up with

How excited are you to return to action for 559 Fights on March 18?

Oh, I’m very excited. They put on a lot of shows, and I’m excited to put on a great show of my own.

What can fans expect?

(Laughs) A big slam or two, and an impressive finish.

Your opponent said you’ve never fought anyone like him. Do you buy that?

I don’t really know his style, to be honest, so he might be right. All I know is I’m going to push the pace and do everything I can to leave with the belt.

What will that belt mean to you?

It’s going to mean a lot. I’m ready to collect some belts. My daughter and I watch fights together. She wanted me to get a belt so she could hold it. My goal is to pick up another belt and bring it home to her.

What are your long-terms goals in MMA?

I just want to go as far as I can go. I really just love to compete, which is why I do this. All I’ve done is compete my whole life, so this is all I know. This is my favorite form of competition, so I’m just having fun and seeing where this road takes me.

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