Visalia’s Devon Chavez: ‘My Goal Is To Go Pro’

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Before Devon Chavez fights Anthony Jimenez at 559 Fights 54 on March 18 in Visalia, Calif., the hot California prospect sat down with

How did you find MMA to begin with?

I just watched a lot of UFC with my dad. I watched a lot of Dan Henderson when I was younger, and I just always wanted to fight (laughs).

How often are you training?

Every single night. I work two other jobs, but I’m at least trying to get a few hours in here every night, regardless of how busy I am.

What is it about MMA? Some people go their whole life without getting in a fight.

I’ve actually never been in a street fight or anything like that. I’ve been training for three or four years now, and I just love every aspect of it.

What adversity have you had to overcome in your life?

I separated my shoulder from my collarbone once, so I couldn’t train or fight. It was a tough time, but it helped me grow in other areas of my game.

Where do you think you would be without martial arts?

Oh, I have no clue. I took last year off because I was going through some stuff. Without my gym, without the people here at my gym, it was really tough. You almost become depressed (laughs).

How does it feel to be stepping back into the cage on March 18?

I’m pretty stoked. I haven’t been in the cage for a while, and I feel like my opponent isn’t ready for me. He has a good record, 6-2, but he hasn’t fought anybody like me.

What are your goals in MMA?

My goal is to go pro. But I honestly just love it, and I’m just taking it all in as it comes, one fight at a time.

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