Vitor doesn’t like where MMA is right now

Vitor Belfort has been around for a long time and isn’t shy about speaking his mind when he feels like it. He hasn’t been in top form lately with some high profile losses, but that doesn’t seem to phase him according to what he told MMA Fighting.

Who said it’s complicated? I fought the two best fighters in the division, so it’s actually not complicated, it’s an opportunity for me to rewrite my story. It was a misstep. That’s the problem in fight (business). People have the loss as the worst moment, but it’s the best moment, the time where I can rewrite my story again.

He also feels like a lot of fans do in that people write off a fighter when they hit the skids, especially someone who has been on top.

Unfortunately, that’s how men see things. When someone loses, they want to bury them. They create the idol, and then wants to destroy the idol. It’s a cultural thing. People need to see difficulties as an opportunity. That’s the way I see it.

This is when it gets classic Vitor. He starts talking about people choosing fights and dodging other fighters.

I see fighters choosing fights, turning down fights,” Belfort said. “The current champion, the p*ssy Bisping not wanting to fight anyone, Weidman choosing fights, Rockhold running from fights, people saying they are injured.

It’s sad to see the sport… How many times did the Chicago Bulls lose to the Los Angeles Lakers, and how many times did they win? We have to stop saying that’s it’s over when someone loses. It’s part of the sport. The important thing is to compete against the best. That’s one of my qualities.
Whenever Vitor hits the press with fire like this it usually signifies he’s gearing up for a fiery return. Welcome back Vitor.