What’s In A Nickname: Jason ‘The Asian Persuasion’ King

jason king

Before Jason King returns to action at Valor Fights 41 on March 18 in Elizabethton, Tenn., LIVE on FloCombat, the man known as “The Asian Persuasion” spoke with ProMMANow about his nickname.

What’s the story with your nickname?

Back when I was an amateur, I was trying to come up with a nickname and went through a couple and none of them stuck. I went to a cross-training event and a guy introduced himself to me as “The Caucasian Sensation” (laughs). I really just didn’t know what to say to that, so I introduced myself as “The Asian Persuasion.” My coach at the time laughed and said, “There it is, there’s your nickname.” Since then I’ve just stuck with it. It’s something that people remember, especially in the East Tennessee area. It’s hard to forget attached to a face that’s hard to forget.

Do you like it?

I enjoy it. I have fun with it. I’ve had people come up to me who have no clue what my real name is but ask me, “Hey, aren’t you ‘The Asian Persuasion?’ So, it’s pretty cool to have a nickname — I guess a brand attached to my name.

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