UFC heavyweight Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis knocked out Ronda Rousey’s boyfriend Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 105 in Halifax, Nova Scotia over the weekend. After the fight Lewis said he knew he had more heart than Browne because he liked to “put his hands on women” and then Lewis asked, “Where Ronda Rousey fine ass at?” Since then Lewis has continued with online jabs at Browne in memes galore, many of which were created by fans. The UFC may have edited out his controversial comments from his post-fight interview, but it’s clear Lewis is not one to be held back. In his latest Instagram post Lewis reposted an image created by meme specialist @as_shopped_as_it_gets recreating a scene from the movie Black Snake Moan. The image shows Lewis in the role of Samuel L. Jackson trying to keep his nymphomaniac prisoner chained up played by Christina Ricci, but in the image it is Ronda Rousey.

Lol @as_shopped_as_it_gets_

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Is Lewis crossing the line here by continuing to rub the loss in Browne’s face and going after his woman? It’s one thing to bad mouth an opponent, but generally family and loved ones are off limits.

See this image as well that appears to show Browne’s spirit leaving his body after the knockout. Clearly we don’t ever want to see someone actually die inside the octagon and joking about it in this manner could be considered at the least poor taste. Lewis has posted many others as well which you can easily find online, but we’re interested to know how you as MMA fans feel about this?

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Also, check out Sherdog’s Meditation on Ethics in MMA that delves deeper into this issue.

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