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After improving to 8-0 for Cage Titans last month with a unanimous decision over Vince McGuiness, undefeated featherweight Peter “Slippery Pete” Barrett sat down with

Where does your most recent win stack up against the other wins of your career, or is it just another on the list?

So far it was my most hard-fought victory, but does that make it the best one of my career? Sure, I guess I had to really dig deep and rely on different aspects of my game to pull out the victory.

When would you like to fight next?

As soon as Sean Shelby gives me and Tyson a phone call.

So, are you just waiting on the UFC or are you going to take another fight.

If anything changes between now and April, obviously — if it’s a big change we would go with the change — but I’m going to schedule and plan on the next Cage Titans, just to make sure I get a fight in April.

What would you like to say to Dana White?

I feel like they asked me this the last time I did an interview with them. I would like to say, “Dana, make sure I’m on the top of Sean Shelby’s stack of prospects to look into.”

That seems so polite, does it not?

Hey, you gotta kill ’em with kindness, then I’ll let ’em know who I really am.

Who is “Slippery Pete?”

I’m just that loud-mouthed punk rocker who likes to fight.

[Photo courtesy Will Paul]

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