Sometimes fighters stick around for a little too long in the UFC and it ends badly. See legends Rich Franklin, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, and so on for reference. Today we list three fighters who need to call it quits and soon.

Anderson Silva

3. Anderson Silva

Silva has never been the same after getting knocked out by Chris Weidman. His return bout with Chris ended with one of the most horrific leg injuries of all time. When he healed up and returned he had a lackluster performance against Nick Diaz, a loss to Daniel Cormier, a loss to Michael Bisping, and a controversial victory over Derek Brunson. He is definitely past his prime and unless it’s a bout with another aging legend we do not want to see him fight again. He is the greatest MMA competitor of all time. Sorry, Fedor.

rashad evans

2. Rashad Evans

Suga has been less than a shadow of his former self. He is 2-4 in his last six fights. This is a far cry from his former light heavyweight champion days. The moment he started to slip in to the middle of the pack was after his knockout loss to Lyoto Machida. It was particularly brutal and spawned countless memes of his face as he was crumpled against the cage. Perhaps it was payback for his arrogance after knocking out Chuck Liddell in similarly horrific fashion.

Finally, and this one kills us to say…

frank mir-146

1. Frank Mir

Mir has the most fights, wins, and submissions in UFC heavyweight history. He is a former UFC world champion and in his youth was tough as nails. Now he is 2-6 in his last eight and has been knocked out in the majority of his losses. No one wants to see Frank take any more punishment like he has in those defeats and he has nothing left to prove to anyone. The only reason Frank has to stay around is money, even if he loves to compete. It’s time to hang them up and end a solid career.

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