Mike Jackson calls out CM Punk

Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson

UFC fighter Mike Jackson lost to Mickey Gall in 45 seconds of round 1 via rear naked choke. To be fair to Jackson’s 45 second destruction ALL of Gall’s wins are via that submission maneuver including his most famous one. The one being referenced occurring in his bout with WWE performer turned MMA fighter Phil Brooks aka CM Punk.

In the build up to Punk’s UFC 203 bout with Gall, Punk called Jackson a “can”.  Apparently this did not sit well with Mike and he told MMAJunkie all about it.

“For someone who has zero fight experience to call me a can, that was probably the most offensive thing that I’ve heard throughout this entire ordeal. So, he wants to fight one more time at least, and I figure, throw me in there.”

“They only have a little bit of promotional material, you don’t have to worry about looking for another fighter to fight CM Punk,. I think he and I, we have enough history and a little bit of bad blood that we can just make the money.”

“Let’s see who the real can is here, and let’s make some money doing it.”

CM Punk is probably no longer a real draw after his embarrassing demolition at the hands of Gall. Mickey submitted him in 2:14 of round 1 via the famous rear naked choke heard round the WWE Universe we discussed earlier. So would Jackson vs. Punk make the UFC any money? Probably not, but hey – we’d still watch it.

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