5 of the most exciting MMA fighters to watch

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UFC has become one of the most watched sports on the planet and it’s easy to see why so many people are investing their time in the competition. The no holds barred contests make for a more intense experience than boxing or wrestling can provide and the competitors are among the most entertaining sportsmen and women you’ll ever see on television:

Conor McGregor

The Irish MMA fighter has delivered some amazing performances in the Octagon over the past 12 months including a superb, against the odds, bout with then Lightweight Champion: Eddie Alvarez. McGregor was victorious in the fight and became the first fighter ever to hold two UFC titles simultaneously.

McGregor may have suffered his first defeat in March 2016, but the bout against Nate Diaz was one of the most watched spectacles of the year – pure entertainment. Bookmakers suggest that McGregor’s next opponent will be Nate Diaz with odds of 7/1. There’s good resource available online to guide you through the top 10 UFC betting sites to help you find good value.

Brock Lesnar

A familiar name to fans of WWE; Brock Lesnar is a giant of a man and he has never lost a fight in the UFC. He receives a lot of negative press thanks to his history in the WWE, which many UFC fans find tedious and staged, but there’s no denying his abilities in the Octagon.

Your money’s fairly safe backing Lesnar but sadly the big man rarely fights with a bout in July 2016 his first since 2011.

Stipe Miocic

Not the easiest name to pronounce but Stipe Miocic is one of the most worthy Heavyweight Champions the UFC has ever seen. A 54 second knockout in January last year saw Miocic head for Brazil to knock out Fabricio Werdum and lift the title for himself.

His fights may not last long, generally speaking, but you can’t beat his sheer ferocity for entertainment.

Derrick Lewis

Something of an up and coming fighter; Lewis finished 2016 undefeated with four wins. The ‘Black Beast’, as he’s known, knocked out two of his 2016 opponents in impressive fashion – there was hardly a mark on Lewis in either fight!

He is certainly one to watch in 2017 as Lewis will no doubt be challenging for a title of his own.

Michael Bisping

A British veteran fighter who kicked off 2016 with victory over statistically the greatest fighter in UFC history: Anderson Silva and then went on to lift the Middleweight title and concluded with victory over Dan Henderson – another UFC great.

Without doubt the most entertaining fighter in the UFC at present and 2017 promises a great deal for Bisping.

MMA is a very exciting sport, however nowadays many fighters are safe and methodical and they don’t always enthrall us.

There are certain fighters however that showcase a great amount of grit and determination whenever they’re put in the Octagon.

“Excitement” is not something that can be measured however what qualifies for excitement is someone that shows daring, resilience, relentlessness and toughness. Moreover, you’ll find the men on this list simply possess the most bottle  in the UFC.

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