Catching up with Valor Fights 40’s Jennifer Clausius

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Her fan base continues to grow with each new fight. And the fact that she’s a single mom, a construction worker and still finds time to chase her dreams as a mixed martial arts fighter is an inspiration to many. We’re talking about rising strawweight prospect Jennifer Clausius (5-3), who trains out of SSF Submission Academy in Clarksville, Tenn. Fresh off a win just last month, “Miss Macho Jenny Savage” will make her return to the cage on Feb. 11 when she faces South Carolina’s Leneisha “She Hulk” Vinson (3-1) at Valor Fights 40 in Nashville LIVE on FloCombat. She took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with before the fight.

Thanks for talking with us Miss Macho Jenny Savage. How’s training been going for your upcoming fight at Valor and what’s your scouting report on your opponent Laneisha Vinson?

Training is going well as usual. I had just came off of a fight last month. I feel like it only came in the right time for this fight.

Do you think about your opponent much during training, like do you put up a photo or anything like that of them, or do you just try and concentrate on what you are doing?

I don’t think about my opponent very often because I have a couple of months for tough competition. I’m only focusing on myself being my worst enemy.

I understand you have several bouts lined up in the coming months, what are you trying to accomplish this year?

I have huge plans for the future. I don’t plan on going pro anytime soon and I’m focusing more on my different styles.

You seem extremely motivated and as a single mom who works full-time and trains for your MMA career, how do you stay motivated and juggle it all, what drives you?

Everyday I reflect on the past in a positive light. I have come from a dark past and almost stayed there. I often think about where I would be if I didn’t challenge myself more each time. That desire to never want that around my family has given me the drive and motivation to put my all into each and everything I work on whether it be my mothering, my work ethic at my construction jobs or when I train, I will do whatever it takes to make ends meet through my passion for my family and gyms sake.

Mixed martial arts seems to have really made a difference in your life. Can you talk a little about what this journey has been like so far and how MMA has helped you as a person?

I think I have grasped the notion that MMA is just a metaphor for life and since I’ve made this into a lifestyle, almost every single thing I do, I can correlate it back to martial arts. In a way it influences me to become the best most honest version of myself. Most importantly, I have given up the idea of being worried and obsessed with failure. I have only acquired the most valuable wisdom through losing and have learned to embrace any hidden mistake to reveal itself in my amateur career.

I love that you are into yoga. Can you explain how it complements your MMA training and in what ways has yoga been beneficial for you, what do you get from it?

I have found a love for it through Jiu-jitsu. When I have nobody to roll with, I roll by myself in a yoga form. For me it’s a way to release any tension and another creative way to meditate and relax while warming up for BJJ class!

Your boyfriend Adrian Thomas also fights and is getting ready for his pro debut I believe. It’s very interesting that you are both sort of on that same trajectory upward. How great is it having someone there to workout with and push you pretty much all the time and what sort of influence has he been for you?

I would be absolutely no one with out him. He has taken so much time out on preparing me for this fight the past and many fights to come. We are definitely a dynamic duo and I am blessed to have such a sweet patient man in my life that loves me like he does. Lord knows I would have given up on everything until he came into my very existence. I owe him the world.

Any final words for the fans Miss Savage?

The sky is the limit and space is the place.

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