Trump ban could kick Mousasi from UFC 210


The UFC told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that there is a possibility that Donald Trump’s travel ban could keep Iranian born Gegard Mousasi out of UFC 210 where he is expected to face former champ Chris Weidman. The ban is 90 days that prohibits travel from majority Islamic countries and all refugee immigration for 120 days. Here’s what the UFC said:

We are aware of the federal travel ban. There are numerous variables including a judicial injunction. We are monitoring and will be affirmatively engaged to ensure that our fighters and employees are able to compete and do their jobs.

Gegard Mousasi told Telesport:

I have the Dutch nationality, but I also have a visa. But even with a visa you get in trouble, I heard. I’ll hear more about it this week though. The UFC lawyers are busy, and the people who arrange the visas are, too. So it is not in my hands. My job is to train and get ready for the fight. It’s just annoying.

Wasn’t White a Trump supporter?

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